31415.eu purpose is to allow easy passing of an exact and/or long and/or complex information over a phone, sms, on a billboard or on a paper. The idea is that it is much easier to pronounce, understand, write down or remember numbers as anything else. 31415.eu creates a pure numeric URLs for your information.

Example of a common complex information are a full contact data like name+address+phone or a web URL or a meeting point details. Instead of spelling it over the phone the 31415.eu allows to tell just numbers.


First select the period for which the link should be valid. After the time is expired the data will be removed and the link can be reused by someone else. The rule is that the sorter the period is, the less number of digits the resulting URL will have.

Then enter the text into the input box. The text can include hyperlinks or email addresses or anything else. New lines and format will be kept as entered.

Then hit the "Numify ->" button and you will be redirected to the new URL.


The heading (and URL bar) will show the URL that anyone can type in into her browser to access the current information text. This text is click-able. When the heading is clicked an input box appears allowing to type-in a different number to navigate to.

The text information entered into the text area will be shown surrounded by dashed border box.

Clicking on the "New ->" button will redirect back to the home screen, to allow easy replying or creating a new content.

Contact & Feedback

You can send us any feedback via email. Thank you!